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    We Really Listen

    We love chatting with our clients. We love getting to know you better, and listening to your ideas. You will love what we do for you, because the idea was yours, and all we did was bring it to life.

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    Big Timber Alpacas

    We created an entire brand for this quaint little farm up on Parrett Mountain in Sherwood. Beginning with the logo, and translating that look to business cards, a marketing brochure, and a banner for the Alpaca shows.

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    The Process

    Our first step, always, is to talk to you, and ask you questions. Once we have gathered this information, then we give you our ideas. After a very open and honest back-and-forth, or two, we provide you what you're looking for.

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    Escape to Yoga

    Escape to Yoga is one of our favorite local clients. We've been alongside this studio since its grand opening, and we love creating the event posters, brochures, and advertising for this gorgeous studio in Old Town Sherwood.

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    Jeremy Kay Consulting

    Even Marketing experts need help with branding! From the one-man show to the large business, we're here to help with your branding.

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    MudPuddles Toys & Books

    MudPuddles Toys & Books needed a fresh logo to go along with the new ownership of our favorite toy store. Taking the guidance of the store owner, we created a versatile, yet simplistic, logo.

Welcome to Hungry Raccoon!

When people think of a “brand” they often think of a logo or tagline. These things are part of your brand, but brands are much bigger than that. Your brand is the story you tell to your potential clients through a wide range of communication tools, and it says a lot about you—but is it saying the right things?

What We Do
We are here to help you tell your story by developing an effective, consistent, reliable brand identity for your business. Our customized solutions range from logo design, color and font treatments, to traditional and large-format printing, business cards, website design, and mobile apps. Hungry Raccoon will help you build an integrated brand through multiple channels, so customers can find you.

Why Choose the Raccoon?
We are great at what we do. Our designers have experience in the new media landscape, skillfully navigating the web of traditional and digital media, where your clients are searching for you. We know how to make you stand out from all the noise, engaging with and getting noticed by the people who matter to your business.

Plus we are a local design firm—we live in this community and will provide you with personalized service. Our designers actually listen to you, understanding that building your brand means bringing your ideas to life.